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Welcome to Charkey's Para-Dice, a division of  Para-Dice Enterprises, a place you can come whether you're looking to make money, have fun, or just relax. 

Why Charkey's Para-Dice? Well, I wanted a catchy name for my business, and something different than anything I ever seen before. For years now I've used the name Charkey, this is a combination of my first and middle name. My name is 'Charletta Key Allen' and para-dice came about when I was brainstorming with an associate for a name for my business. I liked the term paradise but thought that was still a little plain, so I changed the spelling and separated it to form two words.

The purpose of Charkey's Para-Dice is to have this information all in one place. You don't have to google anything, and you don't have to spend hours searching the entire internet for what your looking for. As long as your looking for networking, affiliations, and money making ideas, you can find it right here. We also have some information, tools and tips for your business, website, or blog. And if you don't have a website or blog you can write us here at Charkey's Para-Dice to find out where and how to get one for free.  For many years I have tried many types of online businesses, mostly selling some product or another, that didn't go to well since it always required me to pester my family and friends to buy my products and sign-up to join the business. Lately, I have gotten more into becoming an affiliate of several programs, including Survey sites, Pad to Click, and even some Affiliate programs. Most things I do has no initial investment and does not require me to spend any money unless I choose to. And yes, they have been working fairly well without investing, however sooner or later there may have to be some investment. As with anything you get out what you put in.

Charkey's Para-Dice came about when I was online myself signing up for various 'Money Making' sites and found that there were a lot of programs to sign-up for and little information on what I was doing. While these sites answer some questions, they left a lot of other questions unanswered.

Here at Charkey's Para-Dice, you will find tools, tips, and suggestions to help get around some of the information that is left out by these program developers. A lot of programs just refer you back to the FAQ's when you contact them with questions, however the question still remains unanswered and you end up losing interest in what you're doing because you can't get the answers you need. Well here at Charkey's Para-Dice we try to give you that information so you're not loss and so you don't give up on what could be a fruitful investment of your time and efforts. Should you not find your answer here, you may write us and we will try to find out for you, add the information to our website and notify when the information is added.

Feel free to click some links and look around, and join any of them that you like.  Remember to check back often as we will be adding new things all the time.


Enjoy Your Stay @ Charkey's Para-Dice.


Charletta Key-Allen

Owner/Your Success Angel



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