We CANNOT promise you that you will earn any specific amount of money. You must understand that your earnings are based on your activity and the amount of work, time, and money you put into your business. 

Any legitimate business requires an investment of some kind whether it be your time or your cash. 

Some of the businesses you find on this site may require you to make a payment for services or use of the platform/business while others just require time dedication to make it beneficially rewarding.

Any earnings proofs that are displayed or mentions on this site is for proof of the possibilities of income that can result from serious time and efforts.

These are only proofs of what has been accomplished by me here at Para-Dice Enterprises and makes no promises or guarantees that you will have the same results. Your results are based on you and what you do.


Understand that I have used or am a member of just about everything that is displayed on this website. I am an active member now or have been in the past.

All links on the pages are affiliate links and I may be rewarded in some fashion for you clicking and/or signing up thru my links and banners that are displayed.

As for free eBooks, you must enter your email address in order to receive the eBook. Upon entering your email address you will be agreeing to receiving further emails and/or newsletters from all of PARA-DICE ENTERPRISES. 

Charletta K Allen
Owner/Your Success Angel


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